Reticulation Network Management

Metering Options

The following metering solutions are available:

  •  Bulk metering and analyses;
  • Prepaid;
  • Credit metering with an automatic meter reading (AMR) system;
  • Credit “prepayment” metering with an AMR-system.


The management and reading of the bulk supply meter, irrespective of the type of sub metering employed, is essential firstly to check and confirm the bill received from the supply authority and secondly to reconciliate the bulk purchase cost with the income from sales beyond the bulk meter.


With prepaid metering a large percentage of the income from sales are lost to pay the vending company and the 3rd party. Some metering companies charge as much as 15%.

There are different types of prepaid meters depending on the installation requirements:

  • Conventional prepayment meter (the metering unit and keypad are an integrated unit).
  • Split meters (the metering unit is split from the keypad and located in the external power kiosk and the keypad in the house).

The different vending solutions are as follows:

  •  Scratch cards
  • E-Vend (server managing system)
  • 3rd party vending (for example via Easy Pay)